Pomona Hope


Opportunities for Growth  

Pomona Hope is poised to grow. Listening to our community, we have identified several new priorities:

  • Expanded education programs for children and parents
  • New partnerships with Pomona’s public schools
  • Stronger partnerships with local faith communities, colleges, and businesses
  • Growing engagement with the City’s policymakers
  • New community gardens
  • Expanded community development and organizing programs

Practically speaking, Pomona Hope has set out the following organizational goals to address our stated priorities:

  • Refurbishing and updating classrooms and materials for students in the afterschool program
  • Funding the development of curriculum and staffing for the inaugural Pomona Hope Parent Program
  • Raising scholarship funds for youth leaders and stipends for college interns to grow and serve year-round at Pomona Hope in preparation for serving as urban leaders in Pomona or other cities
  • Hiring a full-time After School with Pomona Hope program coordinator to develop the existing program, while freeing up our Programs Director to develop and take on oversight of our Parent and Internship Programs.
  • Gathering a team around a paid part-time community garden coordinator who field information, apply for grants, network with the City and facilitate the planting of community gardens all over Pomona