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Pomona's Unemployment Rate

The largest city in eastern Los Angeles County, Pomona is home to a diverse population that struggles with poverty. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Pomona’s per capita income in 2009 was $16,573, well below state and national averages. Eighteen percent of Pomona’s population lives below the poverty level, and higher percentages of the City’s children live in poverty.  Pomona’s population is also highly diverse.  Approximately 70 percent of the City’s population is Hispanic; 14 percent non-Hispanic White; 7 percent Asian; 7 percent African American.  Over one-third are foreign born.  This diversity is a great strength, but it also creates challenges.  For example, nearly half of students in Pomona’s schools are classified as having limited English proficiency.  Pomona is a young city with one-third of its population under the age of 18.  Many of its young people struggle in school, and many drop out.  Thirty-five percent of Pomona’s adults have less than a high school degree, and only 16 percent have college degrees.  Meanwhile, the City has also long suffered from high crime rates.  Crimes against people (murder, rape, robberies, and assault) are double the national average.  For more statistics, see below.

These figures describe a City where many are trapped in a cycle poverty and hopelessness.  However, we choose to see Pomona as a place of opportunity, where the City’s diverse children, families, and neighborhoods can build a more hopeful future.

Pomona By The Numbers

Total Population 2010:  163,683

[California Department of Finance Estimate]

Economic Stress

  • City of Pomona Unemployment Rate: 14.4 percent [mid-2010]
  • Per capita income (2009): $16,573
  • Residents below poverty Line (2009):  17.7 percent.
  • Children under 5 below poverty line (2009):   22 percent.
  • Children under 5 living with single parent, below poverty line (2009):  36.8 percent.
  • Residents with no health insurance coverage (2009):  26 percent.

Educational Hurdles

  • Residents age 25+ with less than high school education (2009):  37.5 percent.
  • Residents who speak a language other than English at home (2009):  61.5 percent.
  • Residents who speak English “less than well” (2009):  24.8 percent.
  • Students with limited English proficiency (2009):  46.6 percent.


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