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Community News: Community Garden  

In the Fall of 2009 First Presbyterian Church sent a letter to the City of Pomona to request the use of the plot South of the Church for a community garden. The City granted the request. Since then Drew Rushlow, a neighborhood resident, has been leading the effort to establish a community garden which would benefit the neighborhood. Below are some recent successes for his effort.

  • The City installed a new water meter this past month.
  • Dick Oosterheert , a professional landscaper, is helping plan and install some of the irrigation and donating the main water line from the water meter down through the middle of the garden. This water line will cover about 1/3 of the irrigation needs
  • Mr. Oosterheert is also going to help rototill the soil for the garden plots.
  • Walkway paths are underway and donations have provided necessary garden tools and fence posts.
  • Several youth have dug the 100 ft trench down the middle of the garden for the main water supply line and plots have been sectioned off for the first assigned plots.
  • A number of partners are joining this effort.

We are incredibly grateful for every positive investment being made in this neighborhood and hope to partner in this effort.

If you are interested in helping advance the garden in any way please contact Drew Rushlow at 626-945-5815 or [email protected].



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