Pomona Hope



Geocaching is like a treasure hunt with technology.  Geocaches have been hidden ALL OVER THE WORLD.  There are probably geocaches near you RIGHT NOW!  Some of them are things that you have to find physically (like boxes, or something as small as a magnet), and some you have to go to the place and answer the questions about what you see there.  Some are just one step, and others send you on a quest!  All you need is a sense of adventure, and a smartphone to download the app.  Watch the following short videos to learn more:

What is Geocaching?

Finding a Cache


What to do for Pomona Hope $$:

  1. Visit Geocaching.com and log in
    1. Your first time, you will need your parents to help you create a FREE login (don’t worry, Liz has had one for years. They don’t send a bunch of annoying stuff or anything)
  2. Pick at least one Geocache that you want to visit
  3. Read the directions on the page, and answer the questions about it in this form
  4. $1,000 BONUS: Find the geocache with your family and send a picture of you with it to Liz or Nora!

You can do this as much as you want!  PH$$ for form only is awarded based on accuracy, completeness, and effort.
Click here to watch a video Liz put together on where to find the answers!