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After School with Pomona Hope (ASPH) is an after school program for K-12th grade students, on Mondays-Thursdays during the Pomona Unified School District school year.  All students receive a meal when they arrive for the day, and K-8th grade students receive homework help and transition through enrichment workshops, which may include: Language Arts Enrichment, Art, STEM, Garden, Bible Study, and Leadership.  Our high school students guide (and sometimes lead) our younger students throughout their workshops and homework time,  and receive homework help after programs on an “as needed” basis.  Attendance is expected every day. Space is limited!

During the 2020 pandemic, we have changed our programming to do what we can to ensure the safety of everyone coming to our in-person program.  Students are placed in groups based on family units and arrival times, rather than age/grade level.  Students are in the same room/group every day, with no transitions to other places, unless they are going outside.  EVERYONE is required to wear a mask throughout their duration (except when eating their meal), and everyone has their temperature checked upon arrival.  No more than 10 students are allowed in a group.  Volunteers only work with one group per day.  If anyone is sick, they are sent home immediately.  Workshops will take place outside as often as possible.

To view a sample of our 2020-2021 Daily Master Schedule, please click here.



 In light of the current pandemic, we are also piloting an Online Enrichment program, for families who do not feel comfortable yet with in-person programming.  The Online program is shorter than the in-person program, with homework help offered every day, and elective enrichment workshops that students enrolled in the program are able to choose from.  Those attending the Online Enrichment program have priority over new students if/when they choose to switch to attending the in-person After School program.  Students in the Online Enrichment program may also request meals from Pomona Hope’s meal service, but have to come in-person at a designated time to receive them.  Attendance is expected every day!

To view a sample of our 2020-2021 Daily Online Master Schedule, please click here.



Summer Enrichment with Pomona Hope (SEPH) is a summer enrichment program for rising 1st-12th grade students, on Mondays-Thursdays for a month each summer (typically the last week of June-late July).  All students receive a meal when they arrive for the day (during which time, junior high students attend a leadership workshop), then 1st-8th grade students attend a reading workshop at their level, and spend the rest of the day transitioning through enrichment workshops, including STEM, Garden, Gym, Art, and Performing Arts.  Our high school students guide (and sometimes lead) our younger students throughout their day, and participate in College Success and Leadership Workshops twice a week, after hours. Our Summer Enrichment Program culminates in an Open House at the end, in which students can perform for their parents to show what they learned over the summer.  Attendance is required every day. Space is limited!



With the pandemic in 2020, Pomona Hope piloted a Virtual Summer Program, which attempted to fulfill everything mentioned above, while everyone was staying safely at home.  This may continue to be an option in future years.