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Pomona Hope Installs Executive Director  

Kimberly Anderson is working in somewhat uncharted territory. As the new executive director for Pomona Hope, she is taking on a position that has been vacant for several years. And while there is sure to be pressure and stress in taking on a position that has been essentially unoccupied for the better of eight years, Anderson is taking it all in stride as she looks toward the future of Pomona Hope.

For Anderson this journey started years ago.

“In 2008 I was approached by a Pomona Hope Board member who came to Vineyard Community Church, the church where I served as Assistant Pastor, to ask for a partnership and funding for a new Executive Director,” Anderson says. “As our church was unfamiliar with Pomona Hope, we elected not to approve their request, but personally, when I looked at the job description, something just clicked for me.”

However, the timing wasn’t quite right as Anderson still believed she has work left to do in her position at Vineyard.

“I committed to pray for Pomona Hope and left it at that.” But two years later, everything fell into place. “I checked in with that same Board member to ask if there was any way I could serve as a volunteer,” Anderson says.

It turned out that Anderson had been nominated for a seat on the Board of Directors at Pomona Hope. She accepted the seat, and as time went on she came to realize that she was meant to fill the role of executive director.

The transition to the role of executive director was not quite that simple.

“I knew that the board had made as a prime objective the hiring of an E.D., but they had decided they would not do that until they had raised 18 months salary for the position,” Anderson says. “That money was not yet in place.”

Yet Anderson felt that this was a position she was meant to fill and decided to approach the board about the possibility.

“A few months later we reached an agreement wherein I would serve or one year at half the E.D. salary and see what happened.”

Anderson and Pomona Hope both knowingly took a great financial risk in agreeing to fill the position without all of the salary in place. However, Anderson would not have it any other way.

“When you feel called to do something you just have to go for it and trust God for the results,” she says.

Board member Stephen Vander Hart agrees that the financial risk was worth taking.
“Funding is always an issue, but when good things are happening, there is always a way to pay for it. In the past 2 months alone, since Kimberly started full time we have seen a spike in funding dollars tied to clear goals and positive results,” he says. “We expect that growth to grow exponentially in the years to come.”

Having now been in the position of Executive Director for a full two months Anderson is looking toward the future and what lies ahead for Pomona Hope.

Anderson says that main goals include expanding Pomona Hope’s donor base, as well raising awareness in the community about the way in which Pomona Hope is serving the children, families, and neighborhoods of Pomona so that it can develop partnerships with people and organizations that share the vision of Pomona Hope and want to help work towards a transformed Pomona.

More specific goals include the hiring of a part-time after school program coordinator in order to serve more children, growing their Parent Program at the Asian Youth Center into a year-round, weekly program, and continued work on the community garden. These goals, and many more, are seeming even more within reach now that Pomona Hope has a strong, dedicated, and passionate director in Kimberly Anderson to lead the way with strong backing from the board of directors and Pomona Hope staff.

“Kimberly brings passion, excitement and ideas, both in her former role as board member and now as our ED,” says president of the Board of Directors Nathan Robinson. “Given her own personal history, Kimberly is intimately connected to the hurts and hopes of the urban poor. This past, plus the redeeming work of Jesus in her life gives her eyes to appropriately see and then the willing hands to address the concerns and dreams of our youth, their families, and they city of Pomona.”

Emily Peine, director of programs, also believes that Anderson’s involvement in Pomona Hope has been beneficial for the organization. “Both as a board member and ED, Kimberly has enhanced communication among board members and between member organizations. She has also brought clarity to our mission and purpose and pushed us to reevaluate and set achievable short and long term goals,” she says.

Robinson adds that “in her character, faith and work, Kimberly has brought a renewed sense of hope, energy and dedication to the mission of Pomona Hope”

As Pomona Hope looks towards the future the possibilities seem endless as Anderson leads the organization into a new chapter with new goals and big things in store.



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