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Online Enrichment with Pomona Hope students may mark their attendance for every workshop here.

Current Pomona Hope students may use the log in we provide to them to earn Pomona Hope dollars in Paygrade for themselves even when they are not here physically, by working on any of the following:

  • Footsteps2Brilliance  For K-3rd  All children living in Pomona may create an account for free!  All PUSD students already have an account through their schools. Pomona Hope dollars will be awarded to students who email the stories they write in this website to [email protected]
  • Prodigy: For 1st-8th grade students. Practice math while traveling through a magical world. Get rewarded based on your correct answers!
  • Typing Club: For K-8th grade students.  Practice typing and get rewarded based on practice time!
  • EPIC! : For K-8th grade students.  Read books online!  Epic is free for 20 minutes every day after school hours, for this year.  You can earn up to $200PH each day for reading here.
  • Reading Challenge Log: For K-8th grade students. Pomona Hope students may log in here after reading for 20 minutes.  This is one of our Fast Finisher assignments, so students will earn points and Pomona Hope dollars according to how well they do. 
  • Help out at Home: When you do chores at home (cleaning, washing dishes, etc.), have your parents take a picture and send it to us for PH$$!
  • Geocaching!

Grade-specific Fast Finishers:

K-1st Grade

2nd-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade

6th-8th Grade


Pomona Hope Girl Scouts

For Our Girl Scouts

High School Students

High School students may earn rewards for their group for the following:

If you have not received your log-in information, please reach out to Liz via ClassDojo or [email protected]

The more work you do, the more Pomona Hope dollars you will earn in Paygrade!