Pomona Hope


Summer Enrichment with Pomona Hope  

In 2008, we added a summer reading program to facilitate a student’s academic progress year-round. We have seen great results from our investment in this area as well.

Summer Enrichment with Pomona Hope (SEPH) is open Monday through Thursday, from 1 pm to 5 pm daily. SEPH is filled with half-hour Reading, Math, Science, Gym, Music, Drama and Computer workshops, all intended to creatively increase children’s academic stamina throughout the summer. The day begins with mealtime and leadership classes for our middle school students. High Schoolers stay behind at the end of the day to participate in leadership development and college success workshops. All students rotate through the day according to their rising grade level.

Program Overview / Acerca de Nuestro Programa

Admissions (English)

Admisiones (Español)