Pomona Hope

Nathan Neighbour is a spiritual entrepreneur, speaker, coach and transformational trainer who specializes in the field of spiritual development and character transformation.
Nathan graduated with a B.A. in Youth Culture and Modern Music from California Baptist University, and holds a double masters in Entrepreneur Leadership and Theological Studies. He spent 6 years learning from and working with the Mosaic Los Angeles community, serving with the artisans and pastoral team.  Nathan currently serves as the lead pastor of Mosaic Pomona, developing communities  that speak to the core of human creativity and spirituality.
Nathan is also a certified transformational trainer & life coach, and is passionate about seeing others experience freedom by realigning vision with commitment, discovering their uniqueness, and living out the dreams that are placed within their soul.   Nathan strives to create spaces where communities become an intentional force of beauty – seeing their lives as the most powerful medium to shape the future of humanity.

Nathan Neighbour